No Fees or Costs Unless We Recover  

Clients are not expected to foot the bill during settlement negotiations or litigation. Sibley Law does not accept payment from our clients until we win or settle your case. Sibley Law believes that clients should get the representation they deserve regardless of ability to pay. This is why attorneys' fees and costs will only be recovered once we settle or win your case. The next section describes the different stages of your case.

Pre-suit, Lawsuit, Litigation, and then Trial

Lawsuits and litigation can be confusing terminology for clients. Not every case goes to trial and more often than not cases do settle. A common misconception for clients is that a lawsuit must be filed --- this is simply untrue. Sibley Law has settled numerous cases before ever filing a lawsuit.

Insurance companies, corporations, and individuals all possess the capacity to settle a lawsuit before anything is filed in court. After discussing the facts and strength of your case an attorney at Sibley Law will be able to estimate how quickly we can settle your case.

Settlements may be challenging if multiple defendants are involved as discussed on the complex litigation page of our website. Insurance companies may request discovery to determine the strength of your case that may also delay the settlement process.

After contacting the defendants and affiliated insurance companies we will be able to provide you with a better settlement timeline. Once we get started we will be able to predict whether or not we can settle your case without filing a lawsuit, whether a lawsuit should be filed, and if an actual trial will materialize in your case.

A Sibley Law attorney will discuss the stages of litigation with you in detail while discussing the facts of your case. If you have suffered a personal injury or are a victim of wrongful death call Sibley Law today.

Sibley Service  

The Sibley Law Firm stays technologically advanced in this ever-progressive 21st century. The lawyers of Sibley Law value organization and convenience, which is why everything written and prepared by Sibley Law is saved in a secure cloud with multiple backups. The cloud provides remote access to your entire client file so that the lawyers of Sibley Law can access the secured network and provide information or work on your case anywhere geographically on the globe. As long as we have internet, we can provide service.

Sibley service means fast response times. Text messages, phone calls, and emails, day or night, a Sibley Law attorney is available to speak with you. Sibley Law guarantees a response within 24 hours of your inquiry.

In addition to fast response times and cloud convenience, Sibley Law maintains state of the art research technology to support the preparation of your case. The attorneys at Sibley Law know the importance of a good search engine. Sibley Law attorneys are savvy in their use of the internet and make sure to obtain the best possible resources to assist in the preparation of your case.

About Brent Sibley  

Prior to starting Sibley Law, Brent F. Sibley practiced law with the well-respected firm of Alan Goldfarb P.A. His practice at Goldfarb's office was focused strictly on personal injury litigation. Brent later decided to open his own firm in late 2009 to handle personal injury cases. During his career, Brent has handled various high stakes litigation matters, including many settlements in the seven figures. Brent's practice has grown considerably in the years he has been working for himself.


Brent studied Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. After undergraduate, he earned both law and business degrees from the University of Miami. Brent graduated from the Business School with a degree in Finance and from the Law School, cum laude. During his time at the University of Miami, Brent received a scholarship at the business school by tutoring undergraduate students in finance classes. He has also worked in forensic accounting and receivership offices.

Bar Admissions and Memberships

Brent is admitted to practice and licensed in the State of Florida. Brent has a clean track record across the board with no history of disciplinary action or malpractice claims. You can view Brent's profile on The Florida Bar Association's website here. Brent is also admitted in the United State District Court for the Southern District of Florida.