Personal Injury  

People suffer from physical, mental, and emotional personal injuries daily. Recklessness, negligence, and disregard for another's health, safety, and well-being can cause long lasting effects that negatively impact a victim's life for years to follow.

Common causes of personal injuries include:

  •    Automobile Accidents

  •    Boating Accidents

  •    Bus Accidents

  •    Brain Injury

  •    Dog Bites

  •    Elevator Accidents

  •    Failure to Warn

  •    Pedestrian Accidents

  •    Catastrophic Accidents

  •    Construction Site Accidents

  •    Medical Malpractice

  •    Pharmacy Mistakes

  •    Prescription Errors

  •    Premises Liability

  •    Products Liability

  •    Nursing Neglect / Home Abuse

  •    Spinal Cord Injury

  •    Slip and Fall

  •    Swimming Pool Accidents

  •    Workplace Accidents

This list does not encompass all personal injuries and an attorney at Sibley Law will consider all injuries for their merit. If you believe a corporation or an individual is the cause of your pain and suffering, contact Sibley Law today for a free consultation.

Sibley Law understands the need for adequate representation for your injuries. Appropriate medical care following your injury is a top priority along with your rehabilitative health. Clients are encouraged to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional healing while the attorneys at Sibley Law focus on the financial recovery.

Insurance companies, corporations, and individuals can feel attacked when accused of causing harm to another's well-being. They become defensive instead of focusing on the victim's health. It is our job at Sibley Law to lower these defenses and bring to light what is truly important: your health, well-being, and daily living. Attorneys at Sibley Law focus on obtaining the monetary damages you deserve while you focus on your health and recovery.

Call Sibley Law today to speak with an attorney about your injuries. An attorney from our team will discuss your injuries, offer advice, and guide you through appropriate legal action.