Injury Representation  

If you have been seriously injured, it ALWAYS makes sense to consult with an experienced injury attorney licensed in Florida. You only get one chance to make a recovery for your injuries and having proper representation is absolutely essential. Insurance companies and at-fault parties will try and take advantage of you by offering a quick cash settlement offer without the chance to consult with an attorney. Choosing to accept such an offer is the worst decision you can make when you are injured.

If you have been injured in ANY way, contact Sibley Law immediately to schedule a FREE consultation. You will have the chance to speak face to face with an attorney who can evaluate your situation. It is important to act quickly, so that Sibley Law can begin collecting evidence about your case before it gets permanently destroyed or lost. You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting Sibley Law.

Common types of injury cases:

  •    Bicycle Accident

  •    Boating Accident

  •    Brain Injury

  •    Bus Accident

  •    Car Accident

  •    Catastrophic Accident

  •    Construction Accident

  •    Dog Bite Injury

  •    Failure To Warn

  •    Hit and Run

  •    Job Injury

  •    Motorcycle Accident

  •    Pedestrian Accident

  •    Premises Liability

  •    Products Liability

  •    Slip and Fall

  •    Spinal Cord Injury

  •    Swimming Pool Accident

  •    Truck Accident

  •    Wrongful Death

At Sibley Law we are aggressive, accomplished, well known and respected by insurance companies, corporate wrongdoers and personal injury defense attorneys. We guide our Florida personal injury clients through the legal, personal and financial challenges they encounter on their way to recovery from their accidents. We go after the money like it was our own, and we treat you respectfully and considerately along the way. Contact Brent to discuss your case.