Complex Cases  

Personal injury and wrongful death cases can create complex litigation. Sometimes multiple parties can be involved in a single accident. An automobile accident can consist of multiple drivers, licensed to drive in multiple states, with vehicles registered in different names, and carrying various forms of auto insurance policies.

An accident caused by an employee of a corporation at a franchised location can create multiple defendants. The employee itself could be sued, the corporation could be sued, and the owner of the franchisee could be sued. Failure to name a defendant in a lawsuit could prevent recovery from that defendant at a later date. It is important to hire an attorney with the foresight necessary to litigate your case.

Claim and issue preclusion, which is a judge's complicated explanation for terminating your right to sue, can have detrimental effects on your recovery. Failure to list claims and issues in the original lawsuit can prevent you from suing on those claims at a later date.

Venue is another consideration in complex litigation. There may be benefits to suing in state versus federal court and vice versa. Certain claims can only be brought in state court. There may also be statutes of limitations that differ in state or federal court. Statutes of limitations prevent lawsuits from being filed after a period of time following the accident or knowledge of the accident. Statutes of limitation are another reason it is important to act quickly in speaking with attorney.

It is important to have thorough attorneys who take the time to consider your case in detail to make sure all parties and claims are included in the original lawsuit to maximize your recovery. A Sibley Law attorney is willing to discuss your case with you at length to guarantee the best possible service. If you have suffered a personal injury or are a survivor of wrongful death, contact Sibley Law today to speak with an attorney about your case.