April 15, 2015 @ 8:38 PM

Personal Injury Attorney Experiences [I want to hear from YOU]




As you may know, I am an attorney  in Miami Florida and my practice is dedicated to representing people who have been injured by another person, persons, or businesses.  [personal injury law]


I am interested in speaking to people who have had a personal injury case in the past and hired an attorney to represent them.  [Actually if you settled a personal injury case without an attorney I am also very interested in speaking to you about that experience].


Obviously, being involved in a personal injury case generally stinks, but I want to know what aspects of the process specifically stick out in your mind as bad, good, or somewhere in between.


I’m working on several new ways to more efficiently and passionately represent those that have been injured.  I would really like to hear from anyone, no matter how small, or big, your case was.


Our discussions will be 100% confidential unless you indicate otherwise.  I am just trying to understand how to better serve you!


You can message me directly on facebook or twitter or of course email me directly at info@sibley-law.com


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